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Sydney, Australia

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Freelance Film Director - Commercials, Content & Documentary

My career began as a video assistant on films like The Hobbit Trilogy, Fury Road, Wolverine, and Narnia - observing directors like Peter Jackson, George Miller, Michael Apted and James Mangold.


I then went on to work in-house for advertising agency TBWA Australia as a director and editor, where I discovered my natural instincts and love for narrative and visual storytelling.  

I love crafting visuals that deepen our understanding of the idea at hand - to find unique ways to draw the audience's attention to the characters and their story. My aesthetic is always grounded in reality - it blends the real world with cinema, documentary with drama. I strive to tap into the humanity that lies at the heart of every project.


“Chase the truth” is something passed on from my father, a journalist of 40 years. It’s led to an approach to filmmaking that is about creating space for genuine and truthful moments, a sharing of ideas, a dropping of facades and a focus on real connection, both on and off screen.

Awarded Work



Bronze Lion - Cannes Awards

Silver - Adfest

Bronze Pencil - The One Show

2 x Bronze - Spikes Asia

Mumbrella CommsCon Winner 

D&D Shortlist



Best Ads Top 6 - Country Escape

Australian Cinematography Society (Silver) - Country Escape

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