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Sydney, Australia

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Filmmaker. Impulsive book buyer. Proud dad, grateful son.

Growing up with a journalist as a father (and having studied it myself),  I've come to believe two fundamental principles of life and art. 


Be a story listener, not a story teller. 


Through great questions you will find the truth.


An insatiable curiosity has led me through film, advertising and documentaries. I am medium agnostic – I have no preference for short or long form. I’ll take any opportunity to be invited into a great story or idea and reveal it’s beating heart.


I’ve had work picked up by Amazon Prime, one on one interviews broadcast by the global media and campaigns take home a few gongs. But these successes are not what drives me.


What drives me is creating work that makes people stop and reflect. 


What drives me is hearing people say that our work has had an impact on them.


I love sitting in the edit suite and seeing people lean in. Watching people listen. It’s the greatest compliment one can give.


I’m currently working on my first feature length documentary and raising two curious little boys. It’s a wonderful gift to do what I do.