Growing up with a journalist as a father (and having studied it myself), I've always been taught to chase the truth.

It's been so ingrained in me, that it now influences my choices and instincts as a filmmaker.

"If you have the truth, you don't need the violin" - Tim Robbins

Everything I make and every idea I'm asked to evolve starts at uncovering a truth. It's a need to find and understand a seedling that speaks truthfully to the human experience so that I am able to tell stories that touch people in an emotionally authentic way. 

I gravitate towards real locations, natural light and honest moments. I think it's why my work is often described as poetic and thematic – I like to think I'm creating scenes that are of the real world, but that speak to you beyond your time at the screen. 


I'm intrigued by themes of time, our relationship with nature and our relationship with ourselves. 

I love the process of filmmaking and it's collaborative spirit. I love its ability to change minds and create conversation. The truth is, I just love what I do.

Lachlan French

Freelance Director



Sydney, Australia